About Us

JT PAINT & DESIGN is a residential and commercial painting contractor. We are the top painting service company Owasso, Bartlesville, and Tulsa areas with a primary focus on serving Green Country. We specialize in interior and exterior painting. The combination of service and quality we provide cannot be surpassed. We have worked with general contractors, builders and designers with equal success since 1989. Our customers love that we are clean, goal-oriented, overachieving professionals. You can feel confident that your job is being accomplished with quality and efficiency in mind. JT PAINT & DESIGN is always fully insured. We carry extensive auto insurance, general liability insurance and most importantly is our workers compensation insurance. Within all of the positive characteristics achieved by the company, we are most proud of our service. We spend more time at meetings and during training on service than anything else. The other trait that you will notice immediately is our extensive knowledge of paint and coatings. Our owners John and J.R have a combined 50+ years of coating experience between them alone.



John Thompson, co-owner and founder of JT PAINT & DESIGN, has over 30 years of experience in the paint industry. In 1989 he started working part time at Sherwin-Williams while attending college. After college he was offered a full-time position with the company in Dallas TX. He and his wife Kim made the move from Bartlesville to Dallas where he quickly worked his way through several management positions in the company. His final years with Sherwin-Williams he managed a fast-paced, high-volume store in Plano, TX where he won the highest honors from the Fortune 500 company. In 1997 John started his own painting company. After working in the paint industry for almost a decade he decided he could do paint contracting a better way. He started Renaissance Painting to be a new approach to a painting company. This was not a “Billy Bob” and helper type company. This was a highly service-oriented company with systems in place to efficiently paint homes with the highest quality and customer service. Renaissance Painting was a success. In 2006 John and Kim decided to move back to Bartlesville to be close to family. It was hard to walk away from repeat, happy and established customers but, they wanted their son, who has autism, to spend time with grandparents. John started a new company, JT PAINT & DESIGN, with the same proven systems and customer service. John and Kim were thrilled with Green Country customers and the quality of the employees in Oklahoma who have become friends and family.  Over the years JT PAINT & DESIGN has become synonymous with quality and service.



Co-Owner, J.R. Smithee, has over 22 years in the painting and coatings industry.  J.R. graduated high school in 1999 from Collinsville, OK. After high school he attended college, played baseball, and started his career in the paint and coatings industry as a part-time employee at the local Sherwin Williams store. Upon graduating college, he was offered a position with Sherwin-Williams as a manager trainee and worked his way up to store manager.  As a store manager he managed several successful stores around northeast Oklahoma as well as trained and promoted countless of his employees to higher positions. In 2005, J.R. married the love of his life, Gena, and they have two children, Wyatt and Gentry. J.R. spent his last few years with Sherwin-Williams as an outside sales representative.  Covering most of northeast Oklahoma with one of the largest volume territories in the state, specializing in interior painting Owasso, OK. During those years, John Thompson, was one of his customers.  This is where they developed a friendship and business relationship.  In 2020, J.R. decided to leave Sherwin-Williams and partner with John. Since joining JT PAINT & DESIGN, J.R. has been able to bring his ideas, processes, and relationships to company in order to help them continue to grow and stay focused on providing high quality results with a customer experience that is unmatched.  The business has continued to grow with the addition of interior painting Owasso, OK.


The most important part of the interior painter Owasso OK company….
JT PAINT & DESIGN has spent the better part of two decades hiring, training and taking care of its employees in order to carry out the vision of the company. In an industry known for high turnover, many of our employees have been with us since year one. Those employees in particular have helped fine tune our policies and procedures to help deliver the consistency our customers have come to expect.  With our growth of painting Owasso and painting Tulsa this is extremely important.



Our painters are the best in the industry!
We are good at keeping a schedule and always arrive on time.
They are experienced in our proven system.  This ensures that our painters are clean, efficient, and meticulous.  Our painters are uniformed and arrive in company vehicles for your confidence and our efficiency. To further ensure our efficiency we provide each crew with high quality painting equipment and tools to handle each project for painter Bartlesville, painter Owasso, and painter Tulsa. We are proficient at all applications and procedures. Our knowledge of products and coatings are unsurpassed. We also provide color charts and provide color consultation when needed.  These things separate us from the competition and have aided in our growth of interior painting Owasso and painting Tulsa.



The owners and project manager oversee each job every step of the way.
We make sure each phase of our proven system has been performed to the highest standards.  The lion’s share of these responsibilities falls on Trandon, as he has been a catalyst in expanding our reach into interior painting Owasso, OK and other surrounding areas. Trandon, another former Sherwin William manager, has excellent customer service skills, extensive product knowledge, excels in color matching and problem solving. Trandon has excellent rapport with customers as well as the painters Owasso and Painters Tulsa.



When you call JT PAINT & DESIGN you will speak our experienced office manager. Alison will schedule your free estimate and answer any questions you may have. Thanks to her extensive bookkeeping and office management experience we also count on her for countless inner workings of a rapidly growing company into painting Owasso and painting Tulsa.



Our shop manager will check in your cabinet pieces of furniture at our 9000 square foot shop designated for spray finishes. When possible, we spray many projects in our shop so that your home is virtually free from paint fumes after your interior painter Owasso or interior painter Tulsa finishes the job. Your comfort and convenience are our top priority. We have the personnel in place to transport and transform your cabinets and furniture. Feel free to stop by and watch our guys in action!