How It Works

Starting with the phone call to JT PAINT & DESIGN, you will be greeted by our friendly office manager. Alison will take down your name, number, location, and a brief description of the reason for your call. If one of the owners are in the office, the phone will be transferred to them. If they are out on a painter Bartlesville, painter Owasso or Painter Tulsa jobsite, then they will return your call once they return to the office.

When John or J.R. call back, they will go over your project or needs with you over the phone and, if needed, schedule a time that is convenient for you to come out to look at the project.  With our expansion into painting Owasso and painting Tulsa we can be anywhere we’re needed!

Once we arrive on site, we will take measurements, answer any questions you may have, and discuss your expectations of the project.  We will make sure we fully understand your wants and needs in order to provide you with an accurate quote for our services.

Typical turnaround time from estimate to receiving a painter Bartlesville, painter Owasso or painter Tulsa quote is 24-48 hours.  The estimate will be emailed over to the customer, and they will receive a follow up phone call or text message to let them know the estimate has been sent.

When a quote is accepted by the customer, the job name and address is posted to our job board, and we begin immediately to work on a schedule so that we may provide the customer with an anticipated start date.  If a customer has a particular date in mind for the project to begin, we will do our absolute best to make that work in our schedule.  Having over 40 full-time professional painters on staff allows us the flexibility to work with various schedules at once.  We have dedicated crews to cover a wide geographic including painting Bartlesville, painting Owasso and painting Tulsa.

Once we have a start date in mind, we reach out to the customer to make sure that the day and time fits within their schedule.  At that point, a start day is set and we inform the customer what time we will arrive on that day.  We understand that things happen and schedules change.  Having crews available for exterior and interior painter Bartlesville, painter Owasso and painter Tulsa allows us flexibility.

When the crew arrives, on time, either the foreman or our project manager will introduce themselves and the crew, go over the work order, and ask any questions they may have, as well as answer any questions the customer may have.  Our painter Bartlesville, painter Owasso and painter Tulsa crew members are friendly, in uniform, and easy to communicate with.  Once work begins, our crew works on the project from start to finish.  We do not leave jobs unfinished to go work on other projects unless weather forces us to do so.  Having dedicated crews specifically for exterior and interior painter Bartlesville, painter Owasso and painting Tulsa makes this easy to achieve.

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The first step to any successful painting project is in the preparation.  This is one of the many areas that we separate ourselves from our competition.  We treat every customer’s project and home as if it were our own.  We thoroughly protect all surfaces not to be painted so as to avoid any unwanted dust, debris, drips, or overspray.

Once protection is applied, then we begin to prepare the surface. On exterior projects, we pressure wash, scrape, fill holes, sand, caulk, and prime before painting begins.  These are all necessary steps in order to provide the best quality paint and longest lasting paint job for the exterior of your home.  We use the highest quality lifetime warranty paints from the most well-known brands in the paint industry.  During this entire process, we clean up the jobsite at the end of each day to keep your property looking as good as possible through the process.  After the painting has been completed, we do a walkthrough with the customer to make sure they are pleased with the quality and service we have provided.  At that time, we invoice the customer (with no surprises) and thank them for their business.

On interior painter Bartlesville, Interior painter Owasso and interior painter Tulsa projects,​ our first step is to protect all floors that we will be walking on to avoid accidentally getting dirt, debris, dust, or paint on the floor.  Different types of floors require different types of protection, so we protect each type of flooring in its intended way.  After that, all surfaces not to be painted, that are inside of our work area, are protected.  Our crews will help with any large pieces of furniture that may need to be relocated so there is adequate room to perform the work.

As with our exterior projects, the final project is impacted by attention to detail in the preparing of the surfaces to be painted.  We sand, fill, caulk, and prime if necessary, all before painting.  The typical process for interior painting begins with the trim work, doors, and cabinets.  Once those areas are completed, they are protected, then we move on to ceilings and walls.

When working on interiors, we know how disruptive it can be to your everyday schedules, which is why we clearly communicate with our customers our schedules and coordinate with the customer on times that we will be arriving and leaving each day.  With our interior painter Bartlesville, painter Owasso and painter Tulsa division, this has been very much appreciated by our customers!

As the project progresses, we provide the customer with a timeline and progress updates so they are in the know with what to expect each day and when the project will wrap up.  Once we complete the painting project, a thorough cleaning of the jobsite is performed to remove dust and debris from the jobsite.  Once clean, we complete a walkthrough with the customer to ensure they are pleased with the finished project.  After the walkthrough, we provide the customer with an invoice (with no surprises) and thank them for their business.

On both interior painter Owasso and interior painter Tulsa and exterior painter Owasso and exterior painter Tulsa projects, our project manager, or one of the owners, will visit the jobsite each day to make sure everything is staying on schedule, to inspect the jobsite and quality of work.  While on site, we will meet with the customer to ensure they are happy, answer any questions they may have, address any concerns, and make sure that they are up to date with the process.  Our number one focus is customer service and our goal is to provide not only a high-quality final product, but an excellent customer experience to everyone who chooses to do business with JT PAINT & DESIGN.  These processes and procedures have been what has helped us expand our business to include exterior and interior painting Owasso and painter Tulsa OK.