Tulsa Interior Painters Are the best in the industry. they are the best choice for your painting needs. we are able to guarantee satisfaction. with Avast amount of experience with interior and exterior painting, we are able to get into a job well done. we have had several instances in the past where our customers have been satisfied with our service. it’s going to be proven through our testimonials listed on our website, and Illustrated through the images that we provide on our website.

as one of the best Tulsa Interior Painters, we are able guarantee top of the line products, high quality workmanship, cover and protect, and personalized services. this is something that we pride ourselves in. in order to guarantee satisfaction as well, we also provide free color consultation make sure that both you and are are able to understand expectations of each other. during this time you were able to understand, or get a better understanding, of what you expect from us. we’re also able to determine what is necessary when it comes to completing the project you are asking of us.

We, Tulsa Interior Painters, are highly insured. This helps us Focus on our customer needs better. Having the proper insurance has allowed us to provide benefits of that other locations who might not be able to. these include bringing value to your home, price transparency, attention to detail, on time every time performance is, stress reprocess, and professionalism.

What I appreciate the opportunity to be able to bring our customers’ dreams to life. knowing that the image that the innervisioned and their mind has come to life brings satisfaction. these are the kinds of stories that we like to showcase on our website. with owners who are consistently involved in the process by checking up on each project, we guarantee that customer satisfaction is a priority.

We would love to be able to begin on the project that you have in mind. Our goal is for us to bring that idea and to reality, and make sure that you are satisfied with the results. or experts are excellent at what they do. with painters who are consistently staying on top of a neutrons, and making sure that the equipment is the best for the job, we can guarantee that we can make your dream come true. we will do our best to make sure that the results are satisfying. if this is something that you are interested, please don’t hesitate to visit our website to obtain more information. you are able to schedule a consultation at Jtpaintanddesign.com we also have a direct line to one of our offices. here you were able to schedule a consultation, or express any comments, questions, or concerns. Our phone number is going to be 918-766-2399

Tulsa Interior Painter| the beginning of it all

Tulsa Interior Painters Happy combined 50 years or more of experience. we have worked with General Contractors, Builders and designers with success since 1989. we are proud of the services that we provide. with our owners John and J.R striving to Maintain customer satisfaction, They are consistently involved in the projects that surround their business. they go out to each of the projects being worked on to ensureThat which project is going smoothly.

John Thompson, one of the Tulsa Interior Painter owners, How’s over there years of experience in that painting and receipt. hey began and Sherwin-Williams while in college. after working in the industry for almost a decade, he decided he would do paint Contracting in a different way. He started Renaissance painting that’s one of his new approaches. this is a success. although it was hard to steer away from repeat, happy end established customers he wanted something different. he started his new company with some of the methods that he was able to learn throughout his years of painting experience.

the second owner of the Tulsa Interior Painter is J.R Smithee. He has over 22 years of painting and coding experience. He begin his painting and coating career with a part-time position at sherwin-williams. he was offered the position of manager training and worked up to a store manager. with the experience he had acquired throughout the years,He had extensive knowledge of how to properly run a painting and coating business. John Thompson was one of his customers, and this is how their friendship started. they decided to begin their Journeys a partnership in 2020.

With more than 50 years of experience, they have been able to have a extremely successful business. They have both been able to provide various ideas that have made the business successful. with both having some of knowledge with painting and coding, they have been able to implement various ideas that they saw work in the field. in addition, They already knew how the industry worked so they were able to be successful.With the years of experience that he has acquired, he has been able to properly be able to manage customer satisfaction.

partnership with that they have established has been great. we’re happy to be able to help. are owners are happy to inspect any projects that might be going on during any time. it is important to them that each project is done to the customer satisfaction. they’re open to any critiques because they want to make sure that the customer is happy. with the guarantees that they have satisfaction, this is unlikely. if you would like to know more about our services, you are more than a walk-up to visit our website. you are able to schedule a consultation through the website or our phone number. our website is Jtpaintanddesign.com You are also able to schedule an appointment or address any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have by calling our line. one of our Representatives would be happy to speak to you about any of your needs. our number is 918-766-2399. someone would be happy to help and make sure that your project comes to life.